Environmental policy

WorkAir Telecom is committed to the prevention of pollution. We maintain an environmental management system that is appropriate to the nature, scale and environmental impacts of our activities, products and services. This system ensures that wherever possible:

all waste is recycled, and where this is not practicable due to either technical or cost constraints, any waste is disposed of in an appropriate manner;

we use energy efficient processing equipment and tools;

company vehicles are selected and maintained correctly so as to minimise pollutant emissions;

we schedule and combine activities in geographical areas to ensure that the effect of transportation of personnel and equipment on the environment is minimised;

we recycle office stationery and use stationery manufactured from recycled materials wherever practicable;

we regularly review the environmental impacts of the business, and constantly seek opportunities for continual improvement and prevention of pollution;

we provide a framework, comprising a high level management review supplemented by a forum that meets on a regular basis, to set and review environmental objectives and targets.