WorkAir Telecom follows strict procedures when hiring and training staff who will market, sell and support our services. Including:

Behaviour and appearance – we recognise that the sales person is seen as the ‘public face’ of the telecoms industry as a whole

Security – that all references and relevant convictions for criminal offences to be checked thoroughly and taken into account

Evidence of lack of integrity in any previous selling employment.

Sales training

After recruitment, all our sales agents are trained to ensure they have a sufficient understanding of the relevant sections of this Code of Practice. They are also been tested to prove understanding and knowledge of this Code of Practice.

All our sales agents are also trained to ensure they have a sufficient understanding of the following topics:

• How competition in telecommunications works in the UK
• What telephone services WorkAir Telecom provides and how they may differ from other competitive telecoms products
• How the customer orders competitive telephone services in the UK
• The relevant principles of consumer protection law;
• WorkAir Telecom’ prices and other terms and conditions of service and methods of payment, duration of contract and any termination fees;
• The nature, and cost, of any additional WorkAir Telecom services;
• The process for cancelling the contract both during the cooling-off period and at any time following commencement of the service; and
• The WorkAir Telecom procedure for handling customer complaints.

Responsibility for complying with the code

Responsibility for code compliance by all WorkAir Telecom agents, including any 3rd party sales agency lies with WorkAir Telecom. The Sales Director for WorkAir Telecom is accountable for ensuring that WorkAir Telecom and its agents observe the code, and is also responsible for handling of the complaints relevant to the code.